A Midsummer Night’s read

Liz Delton’s new steampunk novella, The Mechanical Masquerade is due out on Friday, June 24, but the paperback dropped early–right on Midsummer’s day!

Set in the ever-sunny city of Soldark, the novellas in this series are all standalones and can be read in any order. They are each centered around a season or a holiday, and The Mechanical Masquerade revolves around Midsummer celebrations, as you might have already guessed.

A thieving inventor. A future at stake. And she only has one night to discover the truth.

The most prestigious Midsummer celebration in Soldark is only three days away, and this is Verity Pennington’s best–and last–chance to attend. Verity thinks she might just be able to pull off a fantastic mask in order to gain entry, if she can only tap into her unwilling artistic side.

But when a thief breaks into her family’s clock shop and steals invaluable plans, it isn’t just summer revelry on Verity’s dance card. She’ll need to track down the thief–who’ll be showcasing an invention at the ball–and find a way to confront him amid the Soldark elite, without getting kicked out in the process.

With her family’s reputation at stake, she’ll do anything to make it right. But things at the ball are not as they seem, and Verity must find her way through a maze of lies and mechanical masterpieces before she can find out the truth.

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