Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice: Now Accepting Submissions

Tourmaline & Quartz’s first anthology, Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice, is now accepting submissions until April 30th. Submit your icy villain short story through our submission form.

From castles atop snow crested mountains to the cold isolation of the frozen tundra, the lure of darkness beckons us all.

For Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice, Tourmaline & Quartz seeks your tales of stone cold villains. Show us the frosty ice queens, the conniving fae lords we love to hate and hate to love. Give us your dragons with hearts as cold as their gold, or the witch who summons a snowstorm to save herself from the hunters. Tell us about your morally gray outcasts that crave vengeance while the heroes are seeking warmth.

The winter months are dark, the snows are deep, and the ice is treacherous. But what if the bitter cold wasn’t the only villain?

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