Get to know Glace Noir author Kimberly Grymes

Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice, our first anthology, will publish in November 2022. Get to know some of the authors behind these tales of icy villains!

Kimberly Grymes’ story, Glace Noir, will appear for the first time in Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice.

Welcome, Kimberly!

Tell us about what got you into writing

Listening to audiobooks and wanting to learn how to tell my own stories. Creative writing is like anything, it takes time and energy to learn how to master the art.

What’s your favorite book you’ve read this year?

This year… I have two top favorites so far: The Last Legacy by Adrienne Young and also Priceless by Shannon Mayer.

Who are your must-buy authors?

Adrienne Young, Melissa Albert, and Marie Lu

Do you have any favorite villains in either books, movies, or TV?

Xenomorphs will always be my favorite when it comes to movies. I love the idea that they are who they are and they’re only trying to survive, even if it means portraying them as an aggressive species. I think the wicked queen in Snow White and The Huntsmen has always stuck with me. There’s something about her character and how she smiles to get what she wants and deceives when she doesn’t, was written well in both movies.

Give us a quick intro about your story!

GLACE NOIR is a villain vs villain story. It’s focused around a princess who is cursed and banished to live as a blood thirsty lake creature by her jealous twin so he could rule the kingdom.What the prince doesn’t expect is as he’s cursing her, she curses the kingdom to be frozen in time and stuck in a never ending winter.

What was your favorite aspect of writing this story?

GLACE NOIR was my first full fantasy story without any sci-fi elements, and I enjoyed it! I played around with other fantasy-driven story ideas afterward and may venture into writing more fantasy books.

What inspired you to write this story?

I wanted to challenge myself and write something I would never consider writing–a story involving a mermaid or lake creature.

Do you think you could personally survive in the world of your story?

Sure, as long as I stayed away from the cove. Rumor has it, no one can withstand the lures of the lake creature, Glace Noir.

What’s winter like where you live?

Windy and cold, but not much snow. Lots of ice and freezing temperatures. Sometimes the temperature drops below freezing and our dogs can’t even go outside because their little paws get so cold.

What’s your favorite part of winter?

A reason to stay inside, snuggle up in a blanket to watch a movie, read a book, or write a story. Plus, I enjoy winter clothes–big sweaters, wool hats, and puffy jackets!

Do you prefer writing short stories, or longer works?

Longer stories for sure. I think writing the shorter stories is fun and I look forward to writing more in the future, but for me I have so much to tell and share about a world and the characters within it.

What else do you write?

My main writing genres are science-fiction and/or fantasy. I’ve written a few non-fiction worksheets and checklists for readers and writers on my Etsy shop, but for the most part I stick with works of fiction.

Kimberly Grymes loves being sucked into science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and paranormal worlds. After many, many years of reading books and watching other people’s stories on TV and film, she finally took the plunge and started writing and sharing her own stories. Besides storytelling, Kimberly enjoys crafting and designing worksheets and checklists on her Etsy shop and taking bookish photos for her Instagram page. She and her family live on the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas.

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