Weekly Planners Now Available

2022 and Undated Weekly Planners are now available.

Writers are creative people, but a lot of the time we need a boost to keep ourselves doing what we love most. This planner was created for writers of all levels to give you the tools to focus on what’s really important: writing.

Now you can plan your week while also keeping track of your goals-personal and professional. Track your word count each day to keep yourself accountable. And start using the planner any time of the year, not just as a new year’s resolution.

No matter what stage of your writing career you’re in, you can use this planner to:
– Track word count on a daily, monthly, or yearly level
– Develop and achieve your goals
– Stay on top of weekly tasks, whether they’re writing-related or not

Further along in your author career? You can also use this planner to:
– Brainstorm and plan social media and marketing ideas
– Keep track of book signings and events
– Remember important business contacts, opportunities, and resources

With the planner’s open layout, you have the opportunity to personalize each page, and even draw or color it in-only if you want to.

It’s your writer’s planner. Now go write your story.